Businesss Users


  • Use our UK / NI business address service to give you a base in the UK marketplace.


  • Amazon / Ebay Sellers can take more advantage of the larger UK population by using our service where we can Store, Pack & Post your goods from our warehouse to anywhere worldwide.


  • Online retailers can use our Returns Service. You use our UK address to receive returns from UK customers which can be received and recorded here and then forwarded to your chosen address.


  • We can provide you with a UK / NI phone number that will automatically divert to your own office anywhere in the world.


  • We are perfectly located to provide a next day delivery service to both Ireland and the UK.


  • We will accept and forward your mail / goods on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


  • Expand your online business into the UK marketplace with a "" domain.


  • You are immediately notified by email when your goods/ returns are received to our warehouse


  • If you post Brochures/ Circulars/ Samples etc to your UK Customers we can print and post items on your behalf using cheaper UK postal rates with faster delivery times


If you have a business need that is not mentioned here, please contact us to see how we can help.


Case Studies.


Customer A

Customer A lives in the West of Ireland and sells laptop batteries and power supplies through eBay UK and is an eBay “Powerseller” with a very high feedback score.

They use our fulfilment service to store their goods and dispatch to their customers on demand via the Royal Mail system.

This means that they can compete on an equal basis with any UK based eBay seller as they have access to the same low cost and efficient postal service. This allows our customer to make their living in the UK marketplace without actually living in the UK.

They concentrate on growing their sales while we look after their warehousing and shipping.


Customer B 

Customer B is an online retailer with “.ie” and “” websites.

We provide them with a UK business address for their company and also provide a “returns” service for their UK based customers.

We have also set up a UK phone number for their UK based customers.

When this number is called it automatically diverts to their main office in Dublin.

Essentially, we are able to give them a complete UK business presence for a fraction of the price of maintaining a fully staffed office.


Customer C 

Customer C is a retailer based in the Republic of Ireland.

They were having problems sourcing some product lines at a reasonable cost.

UK wholesalers would only ship to an address with a UK / Northern Ireland postcode.

They now get these goods shipped to us and we forward them by next day courier to their premises in Limerick.

They have been able to expand their product offering to customers and are seeing an increase in business as a result.



Customer D

Customer D  is a computer repair / maintenance technician based in the South East.

He was having problems sourcing computer parts at a reasonable cost and found many UK eBay sellers would only ship to a UK / Northern Ireland address.

 He now gets several items a day delivered to us and we ship them to him 3 times a week.

His business has improved because he can now offer a wider range of services to his customers.